11 Essential Galentine's Day Gifts For Showing Your Besties All The Love This Year

11 Essential Galentine's Day Gifts For Showing Your Besties All The Love This Year
Jan 2023

Tell your faves how much you appreciate them with our picks for the best Galentine's Day gifts that aren't mosaics of their faces made from crushed bottles of their favorite diet sodas.The brands featured in this article are partners of NBCUniversal Checkout. E! makes a commission on your purchase. Prices are accurate as of publish time. Items are sold by retailer, not E!.
What initially began as a goofy TV holiday -- born from an overenthusiastic character who supports her friends to a degree that borderlines with the fanatic -- has become a beloved tradition in recent years. Galentine's Day, as it's known, is a day to celebrate the "awesome" people in your life that you are not, in fact, dating. Whether they're family members, coworkers, or lifelong friends, Galentine's Day is a wonderful excuse to gather them all together and just revel in each other's glory.
Or just get drunk and reminisce about old times. Whatever's on your agenda, really. But the one integral part of Galentine's Day, regardless of how you choose to celebrate? The presents.
Oh, the presents. You can go the handmade route, of course, but who has the time? Plus, there's just something about shopping for friends that feels extra-special.
With that in mind, here's a list of lavish Galentine's Day gifts that will make anyone feel adored.
Candier You're Doing Great Candle
It's a candle, it's pink, and it has "You're doing great, babe" right there on the label. What else needs to be said? Frankly, I'm about to buy this for myself.
Bestie Flasks
Necklaces that split apart are cute. But shareable flasks? That's next level. Whether you get to drink with your fave or have to party separately, this Best Friends set will keep you both hydrated with flair.
Katie Dean Jewelry Beaded Heart Ring
Adorable and easily stackable, this beaded ring from Katie Dean Jewelry is a heart-shaped piece of jewelry your fave will, in fact, wear.
Rose Quartz Wine Gems, Set of 6
Add a playful detail to the next wine night with this set of rose quartz wine gems.
Skin Gym Rose Quartz Sculpty Heart
This Gua Sha tool is not only heart shaped, but also serves a function, which makes it the ideal Galentine's Day gift for the practical bestie. And it's also made from rose quartz! Total home run.
BFF Necklace
Giving this pendant necklace to someone is offering a wearable reminder of how special your friendship is.
Moon and Jai Love Ritual Kit with Rose Quartz
Moon and Jai's "Love Ritual" kit includes everything the boho bestie may want to manifest love, protection, and peace for herself.
Skin Gym Rose Quartz Crystal Eye Mask
Per brand Skin Gym, this swoon-worthy mask is "inspired by the crystal masks that empresses in China have used for thousands of years." It's designed to "soothe and relax the eye area," and is "great for meditation and as a luxe addition to [one's] beauty routine." It's also, you know, another lovely rose quartz option for the cosmically-inclined BFF on your list this Galentine's Day.
Love Heart Bracelet
In case you hadn't noticed, chunky bracelets are very much back. This one combines two classic trends: The aforementioned chunky bracelet, plus a charm. The Love Heart Bracelet is a thoughtful addition to anyone's jewelry collection. And, I mean, if you guys have matching ones, that just makes it even cuter.
Champawgne Cheers Crinkle & Squeaky Plush Dog Toy Combo
Maybe your bestie loves her dog sooo much, or maybe your BFF is literally your dog. No judgments! Because, either way, this crinkly champagne toy set will make someone's Galentine's Day a memorable one. Everyone gets to celebrate!
Sterling Forever Pearl Heart Hoops
These dainty earrings add a feminine touch to any outfit. Plus, they're just plain adorable. Maybe they're a little much to give a friend, but you know what? That's the whole point of Galentine's Day.
If you're doing a recently-became-more-than-a-Palentine's Day (a name I just made up), here are our picks for Valentine's Day gifts for new relationships.